Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quest for Fire - Quest for Fire [2009]

Toronto’s Quest for Fire conjure up the original root of psychedelia with the raunch, muscle and oscillations of Hawkwind and Comets on Fire, and Pink Floyd’s sensory panorama, all resting on a simplistic, plodding Spacemen 3 thump. Though this is their first LP, the band’s sound comes across fully realized, and despite my weak comparisons above, they possess a signature sound, something a band usually get to once they’re already a couple of records deep. If it sounds like Quest for Fire are just young bucks still cutting their teeth, their pedigree includes some of the most road-seasoned bands to come out of Canada. The line-up includes two ex-members of the Deadly Snakes, a member of the recently defunct Cursed and a member of No No Zero. Listening to Quest for Fire’s laid-back, reverb-laden psych, it’s nearly impossible to trace this lineage back to their garage rock and hardcore days, and Quest for Fire wouldn’t have it any other way.

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